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Intensive Care Medicine
The Intensive Care Department manages all the most critical cases from different departments in the Hospital.
The Intensive Care Department also includes the Step Down Unit which deals with the less critical patients and those who need continuous monitoring after their discharge from the Intensive Care Department.
The Intensive Care Department contains 15 Beds plus an isolation room with negative pressure. All the beds are fully equipped by monitors, ventilators including invasive cardiac-output monitoring.
The Intensive Care Department provides services round the clock for all admitted adult patients. Patient may be admitted directly from Emergency Department or transferred from the Operating Theatre, inpatient wards or other hospitals via ER according to the Intensive Care Department admission policy. 
Services provided include:
  • Management of multi-organ failure (pulmonary, cardiac, gastrointestinal, neurology, renal and haematology)
  • Management of oncology emergencies
  • Management of severe sepsis and septic shock from all other specialities
  • Management of all types of shock patient (haemorraghic, septic and obstructive shock)
  • Management of all mechanically ventilated patients.
  • Surgical post-operative care for unstable patient.
  • All endocrinology emergencies including DKA and non-ketonic hypermolar hyperglycaemic patients
  • All kind of neurological emergencies w including strokes, cerebral haemorrhage, epilepsy and generalised muscle weakness
  • Alcoholic intoxication and management of withdrawal emergencies
  • Haemodialysis for all unstable end stage renal disease.
  • Cardiac procedures for the unstable patient, cardioversion, trans-esophageal doppler and primary pci
  • Post-acute rehabilitation care and long-term care
  • Post cardiac surgery patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation
  • Most obstetric emergencies e.g. pre-eclampsia, sepsis, bleeding 
  • Management of major trauma patients.
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