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Nephrology and Dialysis Unit
According to statistics released by the Emirates Nephrology Society, it is estimated that, in the UAE, more than 720 Emiratis per million and more than 320 per million of the general population are affected by chronic kidney disease.

Figures show that in the region of 1,600 people with end stage renal disease are currently undergoing dialysis in the UAE and the number is increasing annually.

Other than transplant, dialysis is the best option for managing this condition.

How does haemodialysis work?

Haemodialysis is a very effective treatment which uses an artificial kidney to cleanse waste products, excess water and salt from the blood of patients with kidney failure. The patient’s blood is passed through a tube called the dialyser in the artificial kidney.

The machine pumps back clean blood back into the patient.

Nephrology and Dialysis Unit at Mediclinic Al Ain Hospital

Mediclinic Al Ain Hospital’s Nephrology and Dialysis unit is situated on the ground floor of Mediclinic Al Ain OPC1.

The unit employs a multidisciplinary team of senior consultant nephrologists, licensed registered dialysis nurses, dialysis technicians, with access to dieticians and social workers, ensuring a seamless provision of personalised care for all our dialysis patients.
Haemodialysis is based entirely on analysis of the patients’ history and diagnostic tests, and the treatment plan is prepared with particular focus on lifestyle changes, especially with regards to strict adherence to the dialysis schedule, medication, fluid as well as dietary restrictions.

The unit operates six state-of-the-art NIKISSO DBB07 machines specifically designed to handle chronic and acute patients requiring dialysis and is designed to maintain constant patient observation and assessment, and enable timely intervention to prevent complications.

The multidisciplinary team provides a monthly review and yearly evaluation of every patient, and can manage referrals for kidney transplants where indicated, as well as preparing patients for future home dialysis.

 Dialysis services for admitted patients

Patients who are not at end stage renal disease (ESRD) but have acute symptoms, or because their condition has led to kidney shutdown, are also dialysed in the unit or ICU by dialysis staff, depending on the severity and urgency of their condition. Staff provide a 24-hour service for emergency cases.

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