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Internal Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine is a consultant-led department providing services to adults (above the age 14 years), both inpatient and outpatient, on a 24-hour 7-day per week basis.

Our Services

Internal Medicine is one of the largest departments at Mediclinic AL Noor Hospital.


The department is located at the 9th Floor of Mediclinic  Al Noor Hospital and consists of:

  • Twelve consultation rooms.
  • Two triage rooms.
  • Large waiting area for both men and women.
  • Reception station.
  • Treatment room.

Frequent Procedures and Services:

Outpatient clinics provide services to our patients in the form of consultation for general medical problems, gastroenterology, hepatology, chest, family medicine, nephrology, and haematology.

Consultation services to other departments are available on a 24-hour 7-day per week basis.

Procedures such as upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy, liver biopsy, electrocardiography, lung function, nebulisation, and quick blood sugar testing are performed for quick assessment, diagnosis, and management.

General medical check-up examination for pre- employment fitness.


Referral to other departments for assessment including echocardiography, treadmill stress, thyroid scan, and fine needle aspiration procedures.

Department's Goals:

The department is committed to provide high-standard services, in the private sector, to the patients with general internal medical problems on an up-to-date, approved clinical practice guidelines, and evidence-based medical practice. The department also provides educational information on most common medical problems i.e., obesity, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and high cholesterol.



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