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Behind every disease there is a person with his or her own personal and individual medical history. It is precisely for this reason that we provide individualised treatment for our patients. The following is a summary of the procedure: Initial Consultation Once the attending doctor has registered the patient for radiotherapy, they will receive an appointment for an initial consultation (either by mail or telephone). After registering at the reception, the patient and will be personally met by the attending in the waiting area. It is advisable to bring a family member, partner or friend to the initial consultation, where possible.

Assessing the Present Situation

In order to provide the correct treatment, the radio-oncologist must first assess the current situation. For this purpose, additional examinations may also be required before commencing the radiotherapy treatment. It is important to know whether the patient suffers from other illnesses which may influence the radiotherapy. The examining doctor will discuss all the details with the patient and explain any additional procedures that might be necessary. The examining doctor should also be informed of any medication currently being taken by the patient, as well as any other treatment the patient is undergoing.

Determining the Treatment Course

During the initial consultation, the doctor will explain the planned course of treatment and answer any questions. The patient will once again be asked questions about their illness and will be examined by the doctor, if necessary. This part of the process is essential, because a description or referral letter issued by the patient’s doctor to the radiotherapy department can never replace a personal discussion and examination. It is also possible that the disease may have changed fundamentally since the last examination was performed.


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