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What is Anaesthesia?
Anaesthesia is a carefully controlled and supervised state, which allows surgery to be performed painlessly. It is more than “being put to sleep”.

Who are our Anaesthetists?
Anaesthetists at Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai are fully trained, medically qualified doctors who are specialized in Anaesthesia. This involves caring for patients before, during and after operations.

What types of anaesthesia are available?
There are three main types of anaesthesia:

  • General Anaesthesia: This is where the patient is put into a state of controlled unconsciousness for the duration of the operation.
  • Regional Anaesthesia: This involves injection of local anaesthetic which numbs a particular region of the patient’s body. The patient will be conscious but free from pain and may receive some sedative if he or she wishes to.
  • Local Anaethesia: This involves injection of local anaesthetic to numb a smaller portion of the body. The patient will be conscious but free from pain.



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