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Endocrinology / Diabetes

The endocrine glands are numerous "ductless glands" which secrete specific chemicals called hormones, which are required for the smooth functioning of the body. Some of these glands are the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pituitary gland, ovaries, testes and the pancreas.

The endocrinology department at Mediclinic City Hospital deals with disorders of these vital organs. The most common endocrine problem is diabetes which affects around 20 percent of the population of the UAE.

The endocrine glands can either secrete an excess of a particular hormone or be deficient in that particular hormone and it is then described as "hyper" or "hypo" conditions respectively. Endocrinology also deals with the problems of obesity, increased hair growth and osteoporosis.

Our endocrinologist is available to discuss any of these issues, providing necessary treatment and advice. The hospital dietician is available to prepare diet plans to suit individual needs.



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