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Nephrology at Mediclinic City Hospital is led by a highly qualified multidisciplinary team including nephrologists, experienced nurses trained in the care of dialysis patients, dieticians, a vascular surgeon and other trained ancillary staff.

We treat a large variety of disorders including: 

  • Diabetic nephropathy 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Chronic kidney disease 
  • End-stage renal disease patients on haemodialysis 
  • Chronic transplant care 
  • Pre transplant workup for donors and recipients 
  • Glomerulonephritis, and autoimmune diseases such as lupus, in conjunction with rheumatology 
  • Kidney stone evaluation and programme (the nephrologist works in tandem with the urologist so that each episode of renal stones is treated as necessary. The main emphasis of this sub-speciality clinic is on the prevention and medical management of kidney stones)
  • Electrolyte disorders 


Consultative Nephrology

Patients with symptoms such as blood in urine, groin pain, burning sensation while passing urine, swelling in the legs or difficulty in passing urine should consult a nephrologist. Sometimes patients are referred to a nephrologist by primary care physicians for abnormalities detected in their urine, medical check-ups and laboratory investigations.



With eight state of the art machines, our unit is designed to handle the care of chronic ESRD patients as well as those with acute kidney failure requiring dialysis. With the unique advantage of being within the hospital, this outpatient unit allows for the care of frail patients that require careful assessment by both the on staff nephrologist, and often other subspecialists, in order to provide seamless care.

Our services include: 

  • Daily rounds by our in house team of nephrologists 
  • Monthly multidisciplinary team review
  • On site dietician consultation 
  • Regular patient education regarding management of fluid, electrolyte and nutritional issues 
  • Yearly evaluation and appropriate referral for kidney transplantation 


  • Fresenius 5008 series and 4008H series
  • Gambro AK 200 Ultra S
  • Fresenius CRRT machine for plasma exchange and continuous renal dialysis treatment for unstable and critically ill patients, located in I.C.U

Operating hours:

  • Saturday – Thursday: 7am – 10pm 
  • Emergency dialysis services are available daily from 10pm-7am. 


Hypertension Clinic

In this special clinic, patients with high blood pressure are investigated and treated. The emphasis is on compliance with medications and work-up of patients so that treatable causes are detected early. A state-of-the-art blood pressure monitoring equipment is located in the unit.

Our physicians work in collaboration with primary care physicians and cardiologists to diagnose white coat HTN masked HTN and secondary HTN using 24 ambulatory BP monitoring and various tests to diagnose reversible causes of HTN.

Dr. Ramzi Abou Ayache MD, DES (Nephrology) (Poitiers, France), DIU (Organ Transplantation)

Dr. Ramzi Abou Ayache is a highly qualified specialist nephrologist who joins us from the Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Unit at Poitiers University Hospital, France.  He graduated from the Medical School of Rouen, France before joining Poitiers University Hospital. He has over 12 years’ experience in this particular field including diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic kidney diseases, follow-up and care of dialysis patients and follow-up care of transplant patients.  He is a member of the French Society of Nephrology (SFN), member of the European Renal Association and European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA). He has co-authored several text books on nephrology and kidney transplantation and is widely published in medical journals. He is a reviewer for an international scientific journal dedicated to kidney diseases and clinical research.

Dr. Afef Koubaa MD, Dip (Dialysis), Dip (Hypertension), Specialist degree (Nephrology)

Dr. Koubaa gained her initial medical degree at the Faculty of Medical Studies in Tunis before moving to the Faculty of Medical Studies of Paris, in France, where she completed a specialist degree in Nephrology . She also gained further qualifications in Hypertension Management and Dialysis from the faculty of medical studies of Strasbourg, France.  She is experienced in clinical nephrology, kidney transplantation, dialysis and areas of internal medicine including hypertension and diabetes mellitus management.

Dr. Raeesa Mirza MD

Dr. Mirza completed her Internal Medicine residency at East Carolina University, USA, after which she served as Chief Medical Resident at Pitt County Memorial Hospital. She then joined faculty at Brody School of Medicine as Assistant Professor of Medicine. Dr. Mirza completed her Nephrology fellowship at ECU, and is US board certified in both Internal Medicine and Nephrology. She was in private practice in North Carolina for two years, before joining Mediclinic Middle East in 2013. 


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