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Enuresis Clinic (Bed Wetting)

Nocturnal enuresis is defined as involuntary night time urination. It is remarkably common. 50 million children worldwide suffer from the nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting) and about two out of every 100 adults wet the bed at night. It is estimated that 15- 20% of children aged five and  5% of children age 10 are affected.

When should you consult your doctor?

When the child reaches five years old and is still bedwetting
When the child is six months dry and then bedwetting recurs
When the symptoms occur during the day/night or both for a child or adult

At the Mediclinic City Hospital’s Enuresis Clinic, Dr. Elhowairis uses a comprehensive, medically based approach that can deal with daytime and nighttime wetting in children, teens and adults. A careful history, physical exam, and urine test can usually determine the type of bed-wetting and the best treatment approaches.

Meet the Team:

Dr. Elhowairis

Dr. Elhowairis is an experienced UK trained urologist. He is highly skilled with minimally invasive urological surgery and expert in video urodynamics. Urodynamics is a study that assesses how the bladder and urethra are performing their job of storing and releasing urine. Using video urodynamics allows him to provide a wide diagnostic and therapeutic service for children’s enuresis (bed wetting) and adult incontinence, botox bladder surgery, macroplastique, sling surgery for men and women and urethral studies.

Dr. Sam Hassan, PhD, MB ChB(Hons), DCH (UK), FRCPCH (London), FRCPI (Dublin)

Dr. Sam Hassan has joined Mediclinic City Hospital as a paediatrician and neonatologist. He has 29 years experience in this field, 12 of which as a consultant. A British citizen, he has worked in the UK for many years in busy teaching hospitals and he moved from London, where he had his last consultant Job, to join The City Hospital.

His special interests include paediatric epilepsy, respiratory diseases, infections, allergy, bed wetting and urinary problems, ADHD, autism, neurology, neurodevelopment disorders and feeding difficulties. He also trained in the diagnosis of autism in the United States. Dr Sam’s philosophy is that we all should work together towards better health, educations and future for all children around the world. Dr. Hassan has conducted substantial research in Clinical Paediatric Medicine.

Dr. Muhammad Abdur Rehman, MBBS, Dip (child health), Dip (Paediatric Cardiology), MRCP

 Dr. Muhammad Abdur Rehman is a UK- and Irish-trained consultant paediatrician with a special interest in paediatric cardiology. He has more than 17 years of experience, with more than five at consultant level. 

Dr. Rehman joins us most recently from Mayo General Hospital in Ireland. He has worked in numerous Irish hospitals, as well as in hospitals in the UK, Mayasia and Pakistan. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, has a diploma in Paediatric Cardiology from the National Heart & Lung Institute at London University, a diploma in Child Health jointly from the Royal College of Physicians Ireland and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and an MBBS from Allama Iqbal Medical College, University of Punjab, Pakistan. 

Dr. Rehman’s experience includes general paediatrics, neonatology, NICU, paediatric emergency, paediatric oncology, paediatric cardiology, paediatric neurology and community paediatrics/neurodisability. 

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