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Doctors’ Guide to Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is a medical speciality that uses the nuclear properties of radioactive elements  in diagnosis or therapy of diseases. The most visible component of this is in the use of gamma-ray emitting radioisotopes to produce images (scans). There is also extensive use of  in-vitro diagnostic tests (e.g. Cr 51-EDTA), and use of elements decaying with gamma and beta radiation producing higher radiation doses as therapeutic agents.

Because many of these radionuclides are delivered to their intended site by linking them to complex organic or biological molecules, and because of the change in the emotion generated by the word “Nuclear” in the 60 years of the speciality’s existence, the term “Molecular Imaging” is becoming more widespread in journals and special society titles.

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For further information on our Nuclear Medicine service or referral enquiries please write to us at mch-nuclearmedicine@mediclinic.ae or call us on 04 435 9999



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