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Sticking to new years resolutions
02 Jan 2018


With a new year comes new resolutions, whether it be losing weight or new career goals, we all hope for positive changes when a new year commences.

Here are our top tips on sticking to new years resolutions:

Start small

Make resolutions that can be kept. For example, if the aim is to exercise more, then try to schedule in one more day every 2 weeks, increasing the frequency of weekly exercise throughout the year

Share new years resolutions

Talking about new goals with others make them more realistic and encourages the motivation to prove to close friends and family that the change can be made!

Don’t commit to too many

A change in attitude, routine and life overall takes time and practice, gradually beginning a new work out routine or setting an alarm a little bit earlier each day helps the changes feel less noticeable

Don’t be discouraged

Slipping up on a new diet or becoming irritated with morning traffic, despite trying to be more patient, doesn’t mean failure. Missteps are normal and will happen, it is getting back on track that matters

Happy New Year from the Mediclinic Middle East team!

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