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Top hygiene tips guaranteed to maintain health all year round
16 Jan 2018

Good personal hygiene is essential to ensure good health for you and those around you. Habits such as washing your hands, bathing, brushing and flossing may all seem monotonous and boring, but they are all important personal hygiene habits. 

Here are our top hygiene tips:

Body hygiene 

·       Shower daily. Cleaning your body is important to ensure your skin rejuvenates itself, as the scrubbing of your arms, legs and torso will get rid of dead, dry skin and help your skin stay healthy and refreshed. It also helps to prevent acne, blemishes and other skin imperfections. 

·       Make sure your underwear is not tight; cotton is a preferred material 

·       After going to the toilet, you should wash or wipe from front to back. This will help avoid germs spreading 

Food hygiene

·       Store and prepare raw meat, poultry and seafood away from other foods 

·       Store food in the fridge at 5°C/41°F, do not overfill and allow cold air to circulate  

·       Prevent raw food juices from dripping onto other foods  

·       Cut meat and vegetables with separate knives and chopping/cutting boards  

·       Soak, scrape, brush, scald, peel or wash all fruit, salad and vegetables 

Dental hygiene

·       Drink plenty of water to avoid bad breath

·       Brush and floss regularly 

·       Treat any existing oral diseases as early as possible. The longer you leave it, the more likely the problem is to worsen and cause further harm to your teeth and gums 

·       Cut out coffee and dark fizzy drinks to prevent teeth discolouration

Work hygiene 

·       Viruses breed around the clock, especially when it comes to hard surfaces, like office desks and office floors  

·       Make sure your office cleaning staff routinely cleans door handles, countertops, keyboards and doorknobs with anti-bacterial solution to remove the germs 

·       Keep antibacterial wipes at your desk and wipe down from time to time 

Makeup hygiene 

·       Always ensure that you clean your makeup (eye/lip) pencils with a wet tissue before usage in order to get rid of bacterial residue 

·       Wash your makeup brush and powder puffs on a weekly basis with a mild baby shampoo for best and safe usage. Dry the washed makeup product by using a clean towel

·       If you are using your fingers to apply makeup, then make sure they're washed and clean to avoid spreading bacteria 

Clothes hygiene

·       Wear a fresh set of clothes as often as possible. Dirty clothes are a source of contamination and can cause very serious skin disorders if worn over and over without washing them 

·       Wear a clean pair of socks every day (especially after athletic activities) as this keep your feet fresh and prevent odour

·       Wash clothing and linens on a regular basis as the longer it takes you to clean them the smellier they become 

Hair removal hygiene

·       Use a new blade if you are going to shave with a manual razor to lessen your risk of cutting yourself. Also use shaving cream, or a shaving gel 

·       Take your time when shaving to avoid nicks and cuts 



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