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Health Focus
Dealing with diagnosis
06 Feb 2018

 Receiving a health-related diagnosis can be a life-changing and difficult experience for you and your family. Coming to terms with the shock and inevitable changes you are about to face is a challenging and daunting task, one that many may not initially know how to handle.


Communication with the people you encounter on a daily basis, whether it be your family, friends or colleagues is helpful and relieving. Admitting to yourself and those around you that you are having a particularly bad day or are feeling sceptical about the future will not only open up communication with those you are close to, but will also give you a sense of relief.   


Similarly, talking to others on the same journey can offer solace for both parties. Sharing your experiences with another person who is potentially feeling the exact same way as you, not only provides you with comfort and simultaneously helps another, but also gives you a break from having to explain your diagnosis and feelings to others that may be struggling to understand.


Anticipate and prepare for physical changes in your external appearance. When dealing with illness it might be challenging to know exactly what the future holds, however, understanding in the beginning that you may look and feel different prepares you for the unknown that you may face in other areas of this process. If you are a parent or often around youngsters, it may be wise to also inform them that you might begin to look different, so they can also prepare themselves for this change.


Accept help such as childcare, running errands, transport and chores. This will encourage you to focus on elevating your mood, partaking in a neglected hobby or gaining some much needed rest.


Take one day at a time. As you grow and accept your diagnosis you will learn how you prefer to take on each day. Seeing as every individual’s process is different, being honest with yourself and open to others will ease the inevitable difficulties you are going to face.

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