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Why do people undergo plastic surgery?
13 Feb 2018

 The stigma attached to plastic surgery, and the possible procedures that come along with it, are often controversial, leaving a lot of people asking ‘why go through with it?’ Although plastic surgery is certainly used in cases of beauty and vanity augmentations, there is also a complex and sensitive aspect to consider.

Plastic surgery has helped millions of people all over the world re-build themselves mentally and physically after damaging accidents, non-avoidable conditions and difficult body image struggles.

Here are some reasons as to why people may opt for plastic surgery:

Patients with Sun damaged skin, often caused by careers based outdoors or over-exposure to UV rays, show a considerable difference in their skin compared to those who have used SPF and steered clear of the sun throughout their lives. Those over-exposed can be left with sagging skin, deep wrinkles, sunspots and other obvious signs. These patients often opt for a face-lift as their last option to reverse the damage.

More often than not, plastic surgery is required to restore proper functioning of an area of the body. For example, eyelid surgery to increase the opening of the eye can improve a patient’s peripheral vision for tasks such as driving. Nose reconstruction surgery, such as removing a bump or straightening the bone, can help a patient with respiratory problems or prevent snoring. Additionally, body-contouring surgery, carried out to remove excess skin, can restore a huge amount of confidence for those who lost a considerable amount of weight but may still be left with sagging skin.

Scarring from serious accidents, burns, acne, and medical conditions can significantly affect a patient’s confidence and mental body image. Reconstructive surgeries, such as a skin graft in which a healthy piece of skin is transferred to the damaged tissue area, help to mask or reduce the appearance of scars in order to change a patient’s life for the better.

Birth defects and birthmarks including cleft lip/palate that can result in feeding, hearing, ear and speech problems, ear deformities that can lead to hearing issues, and skeletal deformities that are often painful and hindering, can all be treated with plastic surgery. Surgical procedures to repair such conditions are often painless and uncomplicated, but show positive results in enhancing the patient’s quality of life.

Reconstruction. After life changing surgeries, such as mastectomy, patients often opt for reconstruction plastic surgery that will help them return to their previous appearance pre-op. This is sometimes an essential process for patients that are trying to resume normal life after a threatening illness.

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