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The oncology department at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital treats most types of malignant diseases including various cancers (breast, bladder, skin, gastrointestinal and lung) and lymphomas.

The treatment we offer is directly tailored to the patients' needs and is aligned with international professional standards.  We attend to our patients with the utmost care as we guide them through the diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment processes. 

Diagnostic Procedures
Our diagnostic procedures include radiology examinations such as CT-scan, MRI, digital mammography, high frequency ultrasound, CT-guided biopsies, excisional biopsies, upper and lower  endoscopies, FNAC, ERCP, MRCP bone marrow aspirations and biopsies as well as lumbar punctures for cytologic examination. Referrals are made to the relevant specialist departments such as surgery, gynaecology, urology, internal medicine, ENT, gastroenterology, anaesthesia or radiology when required. CT-guided biopsies and ultrasound-guided biopsies are performed when needed using the expert skills of our specialists. We also encourage our patients to take a second opinion, especially for pathology reviews to ensure there is agreement with the initial diagnosis.


Chemotherapy is a 24 hours, seven days a week service, always thoroughly planned and discussed in detail with each patient and their families. It s delivered IV, IM, SC oral, intra-thecal or intra-vesical. 

  • The department is responsible for the administration of appropriate cytotoxic drugs to patients before or after surgery. Patients are always well informed about the common possible side effects. 
  • Trained staff are at the ready to accommodate patients for intravenous administration of chemotherapy. 
  • We handle intravesical treatments for bladder cancer and intrapleural chemotherapy when there is pleural involvement. 
  • Post chemo care: We treat the episode after the treatment very carefully, especially the side effects such as febrile neutropenia episodes. We do have a 24 hours service and registrars round the clock ready to attend patients in the Emergency Department should it be required.

Hormonal Therapy
Hormonal therapy may be prescribed according to the patient’s disease hormone receptor status.


Immunotherapy is administered to the patient if required by disease status receptors.

Symptomatic treatment

Treatment is offered for our cancer patients suffering from related symptoms. This may be given in the form of palliative care and in the end stage of the disease, taking into account the needs of the patient and their families.

Consultations and follow-up

We provide consultations in cases of solid tumours and most common haematology malignancies, screenings for cancer and follow-ups after treatment. 
In the outpatient department we see around 100 cases per month, deliver 20 chemo sessions per week and have 10 inpatients per week.

  • We have developed a specialised network of centres across the UAE in order to refer patients through proper channels when needed for PET scans and radiation therapy when indicated.
  • International referrals: We do accept patients from reputed centres such as M.D. Anderson, Mayo Clinic, Royal Marsden Hospital and other European centres for the continuation of treatment and we have established a good rapport with these centres. Similarly, as part of Mediclinic International, we do have access to the expertise of our oncology specialists in Southern Africa and Switzerland and can refer patients to them when required.

Patients are prepared for the treatment, its administration, side effects, precautions and diet plans. 
In cases of familial cancers, the patient and family are given adequate counselling.  Young patients are also guided for fertility-related issues.

Oncology Team
The specialist oncologist Dr Fadi Mikhael is a full time oncologist at Mediclinic Middle East. He sees patients in both Mediclinic City Hospital and Mediclinic Welcare hospital. He is accessible to patients 24 hours a day either by telephone, SMS or email. He has over 15 years experience in the management of cancer patients in the UAE, continuously updates his knowledge through continuing medical education, and speaks English, Arabic, French and Russian, making him an excellent choice by patients to manage their treatment and care.

The unit in Mediclinic Welcare Hospital also has a full time registrar dedicated to oncology. The unit is backed up by a team of medical registrars and A&E doctors who assist the consultant in patient care. ICU and intensivists are also on stand-by in case of oncology complications. The department is also privileged to have the support of the most dedicated teams of nurses at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital and Mediclinic City Hospital. They are expertly trained in oncology and pain management and give individual attention to each patient, acknowledging the patient’s concerns supporting the physician in the total care of the patients.

Tumour Board
Mediclinic Welcare hospital has a Tumour Board where each case is discussed within a multidisciplinary team including the oncologist, surgeons, radiologists and pathologists, and decisions are made for the very best overall wellbeing of the patient.

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