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The orthopaedics department at Medclinic Welcare Hospital is geared up for all basic and advanced orthopaedic problems and surgeries. It is backed up by a well equipped and modern radiology department including CT Scan and MRI, an ultra modern operating theatre and a state of the art of physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre.

Sports Injuries

Sports-related injuries are a common occurrence. We attend to these on an emergency basis through our Accident & Emergency and physiotherapy department. We also routinely performing arthroscopy (key hole surgery) for the knees including meniscectomies and ACL reconstructions. We also conduct shoulder arthroscopy for anterior instability and tendonitis.

Back Pain and Spine Problems

Back pain is a common problem and a large number of cases are managed at Mediclinic Welcare Hospita,l both operatively and non-operatively. Discectomies and decompressions of the spine for disc-related problems are also commonly performed.

Fractures and Trauma

We have the latest technology for internal fixation of all types of fractures, after which plaster fixation may not be necessary. Fractures of the hip are a common occurrence in the elderly population. Dynamic hip screw fixation and hemi replacement arthroplasty have given very satisfying results at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital.

Congenital Anomalies

Deformities of the feet are not uncommon. We manage such conditions both non-operatively and operatively.


Knee and hip arthritis are disabling conditions. The orthopaedics department performs joint replacement surgery for both hips and knees to relieve the patients of the pain associated with arthritis.
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