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At Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, we believe that all women have the right to informed choices about their pregnancy and delivery. We endeavor to provide a supportive environment, guiding couples through their pregnancy and preparing them in the best possible way for this unique life event. Our maternity services offer a range of medical and information facilities designed to suit personal needs. 

Services available include: 

  • Pre-conception care and  pregnancy diagnosis
  • Routine antenatal screening programme
  • External cephalic version
  • Specialised investigations
  • Cardiotocography
  • Ultrasound scanning
  • Epidural anaesthesia
  • Parentcraft classes

Antenatal Care

Antenatal care is medical attention given to the expectant mother and her developing baby. Good antenatal care also involves the mother caring for herself by following her doctor's advice, practising good nutrition, getting plenty of rest, exercising sensibly and avoiding things that could harm her baby. Getting good antenatal care is the most important part of pregnancy.

Minimally Invasive Gynaecology

As technology progresses, the world – and everything we use – is getting smaller. Gynaecological surgery is no different.

The world of women’s healthcare is heavily in favour of replacing traditional surgical techniques with minimally-invasive gynaecology (MIG). This includes procedures and surgeries which utilise any form of camera (scope) to evaluate or treat a gynaecological condition. While some of the MIG techniques are performed in the clinic setting, others may require anaesthesia.

We tend to worry when a doctor mentions “surgery” of any kind. However, with minimally invasive techniques, many fears can be allayed. MIG procedures require greater surgical experience and proficiency, but allow for quicker patient recovery. Patients may go home on the same day or the day after surgery, even if that surgery is a hysterectomy. Generally, our patients are able to eat and walk within two to four hours after surgery and often resume their daily activities (including work) within a week of surgery.

With a few exceptions, minimally invasive surgery can replace traditional surgery for nearly all gynaecological problems that require surgery: from ovarian cysts to pelvic pain, from fibroids to hysterectomy. At Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, we are committed to providing this state-of-the-art approach for any patient requiring surgical intervention.

Gynaecological services at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital

• Breast cancer screening
• Cervical cancer screening
• Yearly check-up
• Cervical cancer vaccine

Evaluation of:
• Menstrual disturbance
• Pelvic pain
• Sexual dysfunction
• Polycystic ovaries
• Endometriosis
• Infertility
• Abnormal pap smears
• Pelvic or ovarian masses
• Uterine fibroids
• Abnormal bleeding
• Post-menopausal bleeding
• Vulvar pain
• Vaginal infections


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