Please do note , a few of the Maternity offerings might have changed, to adapt to COVID 19 restrictions. For any queries, please write to

Antenatal Support

  • Free Antenatal Classes
  • Free Maternity tours – a guided tour into the maternity ward:
  • Maternity Services Hotline – to answer queries related to antenatal care, labor or delivery
  • Educational video explaining the stages of pregnancy and your birthing experience at Mediclinic.
  • Access to latest diagnostic and prenatal tests at Mediclinic’s fetal medicine unit
  • Access to Mediclinic baby to track your pregnancy details.
  • You will receive a “Congratulations on your Pregnancy” card with a QR code that will direct you to ample educational material
  • Find out the gender of your baby through an exciting activation. You will receive a pink or blue frame with an ultrasound picture to reveal the gender of your baby if you wish to know the gender prior to delivery

During Delivery

  • Expert care around-the-clock from our multicultural team of midwives
  • Spacious private rooms with sleeper couch for your companion
  • Full entertainment selection and free WiFi
  • VIP rooms available for those who seek an even more luxurious setting
  • Choice of freshly cooked meals from our varied menu
  • Welcome package on arrival including a range of quality amenities for mother and baby
  • Choose your favourite pillow! To make your postnatal stay more comfortable you may now select your favourite pillow from various carefully selected pillow types
  • Delivering your baby is unforgettable experience, linking it to a scent can help you connect and remember this beautiful journey. You can now choose a scent from our scent menu that helps promote relaxation and set your mood while delivering your baby 
  • Listen to your favourite music in the labour and delivery rooms by connecting your phones to our newly added speakers
  • You and your companion will get complimentary hi-tea during your postnatal stay with us
  • Daddy’s will receive complimentary goodie bag 

Postnatal Support

  • Free newborn hearing screening
  • Lactation Clinic (subject to preference)
  • Advice on kangaroo care to give your baby the most comforting start in life
  • Onsite issue of birth certificate
  • Celebratory cake
  • Free Mediclinic baby bag filled with essential items for baby
  • Access to postnatal educational videos in patient rooms
  • Escort to vehicle on departure to ensure you are familiar with how to strap baby safely into his car seat


  • Complimentary consultation with a dietician to advise on postnatal diet to ensure you maintain your health and strength
  • Access to women’s health physiotherapy services
  • Access to post-discharge support services including Mother support groups and advice Services hotlines
  • One free post-discharge consultation with an OB/GYN for the mother if not covered by insurance (not applicable for independent doctors)
  • Dedicated breastfeeding facilities within the hospitals for follow-up visits
  • Discounted vaccination package for baby for two years after birth
  • Access to support for mothers who suspect they be suffering from postpartum blues or depression
  • Vouchers for discounted products and services in your area
  • Access to free infant massage training
  • Access of Postnatal Pilates class