I like to express my gratitude and complete satisfaction for my recent robotic surgery of inguinal hernia.

My experience was quite positive with Dr. Roger Gerjy

As for any surgery, I was a bit worried upfront.

Surgery went very well – done on a day hospital.

Absolutely no post-operation pain – quite important for me - very short recovery as the day after the surgery I was basically standing all day and restarted my normal working activity.

After 3 weeks I restarted to perform 100% my sport activities – running and cycling – with no limitations.

Not to mention the fact that there is basically no left signs or scars on my belly. Now after more than 1 month from surgery I can barely see where the robotics arms were used.

Thanks for the very positive experience that I will recommend with no hesitation

Massimo Villa, 2022

Dr Labib from the Mediclinc City Hospital was recommended to me by my gynecologist for a robotic surgery. From my first interaction with him and his team, I was impressed by the professionalism and the care that I have seen. His taking the time to explain to me the procedure and his personal background in the field has really given me confidence that I am in good hands.

The surgery has been very successful despite proving to be more complicated than we had initially expected and the whole environment, the team and especially Dr Labib has made it a comfortable experience that led me to a fast recovery.

I want to thank Dr Labib and his team for everything that he has done for me.

Florina Milea – 2022

My name is Ayad K. Gebran. I have had a long history of diverticular disease. My Gastroenterologist doctor ordered me to have a sigmoid resection operation ASAP to remove the infected area from my sigmoid colon that have stricture and perforation which caused sepsis.

I have surveyed seven hospitals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi looking for a colorectal surgeon that can do this operation for me. Among all seven doctors I have met Dr. Roger Gerjy who is a Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon in Mediclinic City Hospital was the only doctor who gave me time, studied my medical history, called my Gastroenterologist to ask and understand more on my case.

Dr. Roger Gerjy was very methodic and explained to me the pros and cons of the operation as well the risks involved in this operation.

The operation was scheduled on February 04 2022 to take place using the Robotic Surgical Procedure. The pain after the operation was minimal; on a scale of 10 it was 2. After second day I was walking the third day I was discharged with no pain. Also its very important to note that all doctors I met have anticipated the possibility of having a colostomy bag except Dr. Roger Gerjy who performed the operation successfully and without a colostomy bag.

I am very grateful to our Lord for saving my life. Also, I am very thankful to Dr. Roger Gerjy for being dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate doctor. His talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession. Dr. Roger Gerjy is truly a life saver. I feel so blessed to know you and have you as my doctor.

Also, let me use this opportunity to thank the team that were in the operating room that were very confident, kind and that kept continuously comforting me. Also, let us not forget the team that were in the hospital ward that took care of me after the operation.

I am very pleased and happy with the results of my operation. I highly recommend for everyone who have my situation to perform their operation with Dr. Roger Gerjy using the Robotic surgical procedure. Also, I recommend the mediclinic city hospital for its great professionalism and its great organization.

Ayad K. Gebran – 2022

I would strongly recommend the Mediclinic City Hospital based on personal experience I had with kidney cancer treatment. In September 2021 during the routine full body check, the tumor was found on my left kidney. Based on the CT scan it was recommended to remove it. I live in Ras Al Khaimah and without hesitation I went back to Mediclinic City Hospital to seek further advice to my case. When I lived in Dubai the hospital was always our first option. I met Dr. Mudhar Hasan, the urologist, who took my case, clearly explained my possible surgery or observation options. He asked for more time to consult with radiologist and tumor board meeting. I felt very happy that the tumor will be assessed in detail by more doctors. In a week the findings came, and I was informed I will have to remove the tumor within next 2 months to save left kidney by performing laparoscopic partial nephrectomy as it was a highly suspected kidney cancer. I was also informed about the method of robotic laparoscopy done via Da Vinci Robot and performed by Dr Mudhar Hasan. Within two weeks I was scheduled for my operation. The full surgery procedure was explained to me with supported handouts. When the day arrived, I could not wish for a better atmosphere from admission department to operating theater. In the theater the anesthesiologist doctor was fantastic telling jokes and making me laugh. Dr Mudhar Hasan was very caring and constantly ensured I was comfortable. The surgery went very well. The team in ICU took a great care of me. I stayed in hospital for total of 3.5 days. After returning home, I was in contact with Dr. Mudhar via e-mail. 7 days after surgery my biopsy reports were shared in detail which confirmed the renal cell carcinoma. I have no doubt I am in great hands for the next 5 years undergoing follow up observation visits. Forever grateful to my amazing doctor and hospital team!!!

Anna Bishop – 2022

I underwent surgery with Dr. Rogers and the Da Vinci robot in September 2021 for a rectal prolapse stage 4 due to hereditary pancreatitis. My prolapse was so advanced that laser surgery did not work out, and the prolapse came back two weeks after this operation, so it was my last resort. I do not regret this decision as my recovery was fast, and no complications or relapse arose even now, almost six months post-surgery. I was able to go out of the hospital the next day with only tiny stitches on my stomach. I am a fitness enthusiast and was happy to go back to walking in the days following the intervention. It took me only ten days to resume power walking, four weeks to start back yoga, and six weeks for strength training. Since then, I have exercised every day without any issue. Since then, I have never felt any pain, and my rectal prolapse is now a long-gone memory.

Dr. Rogers and the team at Mediclinic were fantastic, explaining the procedure clearly and supporting me in the process. Living with chronic diseases since childhood, I always look for doctors with a positive mindset, which I found with Dr. Rogers and Dr. Valentina. My case was not easy, but their reassurance was such a big help. I am thankful to have been operated by the Da Vinci robot as it drastically reduces the risk of complications. It is a technology I will not have had access to in France.

Coline Monsarrat – 2022 

I was directed to Dr. Labib Riachi in Mediclinic City Hospital through Dr. Ghada Al Batran after my ultrasound tests.
I had an 11 cm Fibroid in my Uterus that was causing iron deficiency and serious pain on a monthly basis.
Before going to Dr. Labib, I did my tests at another hospital where they told me that they had to open my stomach in order to take the Fibroid out.
Thankfully I met with Dr. Labib and he assured me that the surgery can be done through state of the art robot that was minimally invasive (Laparoscopic Myomectomy).
I must say that I’m incredibly thankful to Dr. Labib and thé years of experience that he’s had because not only was the surgery a success but also I had relatively little pain and recovered quickly.
I was up and healthy to my normal routine only 5 days after my surgery.

I would like to thank all the nurses at Mediclinic city hospital for their professional care. Thanks to Dr. Ghada who was with me through the entire process and was even there when I woke up from the surgery. And special thanks to the amazing Dr Labib for making this journey easy not only physically but emotionally as well!

I recommend that women of all ages go see an experienced gyno like Drs. Labib and Ghada and do check ups on a regular basis.
I’m only 23 years old and had to go through this operation so please don’t take it lightly.

Mina Ammary - 2022

Dr Labib Riachi is an excellent doctor who performed my robotic assisted hysterectomy with the greatest precision, care and professionalism.

I was very nervous when I was told I needed a hysterectomy but Dr Riachi’s calm and attentive nature made me very comfortable. He answered all my questions, gave me all the information I needed before the surgery.

The whole process was managed extremely well and Dr Riachi was available to me for any questions before and after the procedure. 

He is so approachable and always attended to my queries immediately. 

I was very impressed with the procedure, the healing process was really quick with minimal pain and discomfort.

Merwe Camilla - 2022