patient testimonial

By Jenz Chiroyil, father of Baby Jake

On Feb 04 2020, me and my wife(Kirstine) were blessed with our baby boy - Jake. It happened much earlier than we expected, at only 24 weeks, he was born premature and weighed only 700Grams. We were certainly delighted at his birth but also very anxious not knowing what is going to happen next.

Jake was admitted in the Neonatal intensive Care unit and ventilated right after birth.

 The NICU doctor was monitoring him closely to make sure he gets the best and close replica of a womb. In a few hours he was stabilized and I was comforted by the team that he is in safe hands. The doctor discussed the next steps with us and from there we knew it was going to be a long journey and confident that he is receiving the best care.

From that day on, me and wife visited him every day in the NICU, every time we visit both maternity and NICU unit, the team treated us as family, gave us the much needed moral support and reassurance each time. It was certainly not easy on us especially my wife to see our little boy in all tubes and devices/monitors attached to him, but the team kept reminding us to be positive around him and always kept us updated and informed on the progress he made each day.

Days, weeks, months passed, he kept improving and the doctors kept updating us, of his progress and asked if we have any concerns or queries, they were very welcoming. The feel that the whole team treated our son like he was part of their family gave us a strong positive feeling, because it’s difficult to be positive when you have a preterm baby and watching him every day in an incubator.

After 5 months and couple of weeks, Jake was discharged and ready to go home. The NICU team provided us the option to stay overnight with the baby so we can acquaint ourselves and be comfortable to look after him, clearly their priority was the well-being of the baby and they stuck to that plan.  They wanted to make sure that we are confident and have all the information needed to be able to care for him at home.

On the day of discharge, it was a moment of celebration, the team organized a small farewell celebration for Baby Jake, it was overwhelming.

We had tremendous support from every department. The idea of having Jake being admitted at Mediclinic City Hospital, was the best decision.
Mediclinic City Hospital is the reason we were able to complete our Family. Cannot thank them enough for the support that they have provided during our difficult times

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