Stroke Unit

Mediclinic’s City Hospital’s Stroke Unit offers patients suffering a stroke immediate, comprehensive, specialised treatment, according to the latest scientific and technical standards. The main objective of the Stroke Unit is to improve prevention, treatment and prognosis for our patients. Numerous studies and analysis have shown that organised treatment by a specialist team in a stroke unit can significantly reduce both neurological deficits, such as paralysis or speech problems, as well as the mortality of stroke patients. As a result, many specialist stroke units have been built worldwide over the past 20 years.

A specialist stroke unit should be consulted even for a minor stroke. Although the symptoms of a minor stroke usually disappear within minutes, you should not continue with your daily business. A minor stroke is always a warning sign – every 20th patient suffers a stroke in the following 48 hours. Swift action is necessary to help prevent further issues.

Treatment in the Mediclinic City Hospital Stroke Unit is interdisciplinary and carried out according to the maxim ‘Time is Brain’ which suggests that every minute a stroke is left untreated results in further damage to the neurones of the brain. We have a 24-hour/365-day emergency service, the appropriate infrastructure with an intensive care unit, as well as specially trained nursing staff and a multidisciplinary medical team comprising trained stroke physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons and radiologists.

The clinical pathway for stroke patients is clearly defined and includes the time 
period following the stay in the hospital. It is binding for all participating departments.

The Mediclinic City Hospital Stroke Unit is open to patients with all types of insurance.