Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, seminar room 8th floor
Friday 7th Feb 2020

16:00 16:15 Introduction – Mona Jomaa, clinical dietician
16:15 16:45 dirham o donuts. Obesity and economics. Understanding the return of investment of bariatric surgery – Professor Homero Rivas, consultant general surgeon
16:45 17:15 non-surgical, noninvasive or minimally invasive endoscopic weight loss procedure. What to live longer? Lose the waist weight. Dr Mazin AlJabiri, consultant gastroenterologist
17:15 17:45 failure of primary bariatric surgery. What can we do? Dr Parick Noel, consultant general surgery
17:45 18:45  prayers break
18:15 18:45 weight management programmes in a multidisciplinary setting UAE experience. Dr Rahila Bhatti, consultant endocrinologist
18:45 Dinner