Nimantha de Alwis Dr.

Endocrinology / Diabetes
English, Sinhala

Core competencies

  • Obesity and Weight Management for those with or without Diabetes
  • Preparation for Bariatric surgery and optimization of risk factors
  • Medical and Endocrine disorders around Bariatric surgery
  • Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes:
    • management of blood glucose,  prevention and management of complications
  • Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes in Pregnancy)
  • Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  • General Endocrinology:
    • Thyroid-Underactivity and Over activity
    • Parathyroid Disorders
    • Adrenal disorders ( e.g. Addison’s, Cushing’s)
    • Pituitary Gland Disorders (e.g. Elevated Prolactin)
    • Calcium and bone disease
    • Electrolyte abnormalities (sodium, potassium disturbance)
    • Male Hypogonadism
    • Endocrine Hypertension


Dr. De Alwis qualified with first class honours from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura ,Sri Lanka, and went on to train in general internal medicine in Colombo and was awarded an MD Medicine with a gold medal for Clinical Medicine. He worked as a lecturer in Medicine at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura for five years.

Dr De Alwis then moved to the UK on a Commonwealth Scholarship and completed a PhD in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and obesity. He has authored many articles and text book chapters in this area as well as obesity and diabetes. He has also presented at invited talks on these subjects at several international and national conferences (UK).
With his background of non alcoholic fatty liver disease, he was part of the NAFLD Research group at Newcastle University and Newcastle Hhspitals for several years. He has been involved in the diagnosis, guideline establishment, clinical management and clinical trials in the field of NAFLD and has published in international peer review journals.

Over the last five years, while working as a consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology and a bariatric physician at City Hospitals Sunderland, UK, he set up and chaired the Tier 3 specialist weight management service. He was responsible for development of guidelines for medical management of patients undergoing bariatric surgery at this large bariatric centre in the UK and has trained other allied health professionals in the field.

His subspecialist interests include the management of Post Gastric Bypass reactive Hypoglycaemia and other post-operative complications of Bariatric surgery as well as pre op medical optimization.
Is a SCOPE Fellow and holds membership with the British Endocrine Society, Diabetes UK, BOMMS among other professional bodies.

He was the Diabetes Research lead for the National Institute of Health Research Northeast region in the UK. He has also been actively involved in Medical student and junior doctor training in Sri Lanka and in the North East of England.


MBBS, MD (University of Colombo), Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (UK), PhD (Newcastle, UK)


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