Shraddha Siddhesh Dhuri

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
English, Hindi

Core competencies

  • Sensory integration therapy – ADHD, SPD (Sensory processing disorder), Down syndrome, Neurological disorders, other syndromic conditions
  • Neurodevelopmental therapy (NDT) – Gross motor and fine motor delayed milestones
  • ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) services – Newly introduced service targeting behavioural fluctuations in autism, syndromic conditions, dyslexics with behaviour malfunctions
  • Perceptuo-motor remediation - Pre-writing skills, handwriting skills training, cognitive remediation for slow motor accuracy, poor memory
  • ADL skills training (self-help skills like feeding concerns (oromotor exclusive), buttoning, lacing skills, organisation skills)
  • Hand function training (motor strength, speed, functional training for paediatrics and adults)


Shraddha has 13 years’ experience in a Paediatrics setting in India and the UAE. She is NDT certified in Paediatrics and Advanced Baby, is a certified baby massage instructor, and is also certified in sensory integration and Praxis test, basic therapeutic aquatics and therapeutic listening.
Prior to joining Mediclinic Al Madar, she spent two years at Dubai Health Authority, as a senior occupational therapist.


NDT certified (Paediatrics) USA
NDT Advanced Baby certified USA
Certified infant baby massage instructor (IAIM, South Africa)
Sensory Integration and Praxis test certified (SIPT) from WPS
Basic therapeutic Aquatics certified from (ATNI- India )
Certified in Therapeutic Listening USA
RBT (Registered behaviour technician) , NDT/USA,SI/USA


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