Britt Clausson Dr.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology
English, Swedish


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Dr. Clausson is a Swedish-trained consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology, who has spent the best part of her career as a consultant in the UK. She joined Mediclinic City Hospital in 2012.
In addition to clinical skills obtained in various European settings she has also performed research and was awarded a PhD from the faculty of Medicine, Uppsala University, Sweden in 2000 for research on foetal growth.
She has broad experience in all aspects of obsterics and gynaecology, with a particular interest in high risk obstetrics and colposcopy (managing women with abnormal smears). She also has experience in managing abnormal bleeding and hormone problems. She is a gynaecological surgeon, operating both laparoscopically and with open surgery if necessary.
She embraces the principles of natural birth and is happy to support women who want to deliver naturally with birth positions of their choice, but also recognises that women make different choices for childbirth and that a variety of options need to be available. She believes it is her function to support women and make their birth safe irrespective of what choices they make. For caesarean section she uses the technique sometimes referred to as ' natural caesarean section'.




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