Omar Al Hariri Dr.

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Core competencies

  • Clinical electrophysiology including diagnosis, management and follow-up of patients with cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Management of cardiovascular risk factors including arterial hypertension, Diabetes mellitus and dyslipidaemia.
  • Management of cardiovascular diseases including acute and chronic ischemic heart disease, valvular heart disease, congestive heart failure and heart muscle disease.
  • Preoperative cardiac risk assessment for non-cardiac surgery
  • Performing and interpretation of advanced cardiac procedures such as Echocardiography + tissue and color Doppler
  • Performing and interpretation of ECG exercise stress test and exercise Echocardiography
  • Performing and interpretation of Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography
  • Interpretation of 24-48 hours ambulatory ECG monitoring
  • Interpretation of 24 hours of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring


Dr Omar Al Hariri moved from Germany to the UAE in 2013 and worked at Madinat Zayed Hospital at Al Dhafra as Cardiology Consultant where he established a fully-equipped cardiology department capable of doing most of invasive and non-invasive procedures including a 24/7 functioning Cath-Lab with primary PCI programme. He has been the head of Cardiology at Al Dhafra Hospitals Group and member of the SEHA Cardiology Council in Abu Dhabi.


Human Medicine Diploma from Damascus university with excellent grading in 1999
Master Degree in Internal Medicine from Damascus University Hospitals in 2003
German Board in Internal Medicine and Cardiology (Facharzt) from Saarland in Germany in 2009
Permanent German License to practice Medicine in Europe since 2009
Member of the German and European Society of Cardiology


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