Sam Hassan (ID*) Dr.


Core competencies

  • General peadiatrics disease and child health
  • Paediatric infectious and respiratory disease
  • Bed wetting and urine problems
  • Skin diseases in children
  • Adhd and autism
  • Neurodevelopment disorders
  •  Feeding difficulties
  • Newborn problems 


Dr. Sam Hassan is a Senior Consultant and Associate Professor of Paediatric Medicine, with over 40 years extensive experience in childhood diseases, children health and newborn diseases. He managed and treated more than 100,000 children and babies from wide spectrum of illnesses and disease.

A British citizen, Dr. Sam trained and worked in distinguished Teaching Hospitals and Centers in England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Saudi Arabia and The Royal Naval Hospital. He made a substantial contribution and improvement to the services academically and clinically. He worked as a Consultant Paediatrician in London before coming to Dubai in the Mediclinic City Hospital 2011. Throughout the years he also worked as a neonatologist dealing with extreme premature babies both clinically and academic neonatal researches and following their development later on. In addition to his excellence in clinical and academic paediatrics he is an active member of many committees throughout the years resulted in improving the children health, such as the Breastfeeding initiative by the UNICEF-UK. On international level Dr. Sam is a dynamic member of many paediatric international associations and conferences such as the Asian Society of Paediatric Infectious Disease in Japan and the World Congress of Paediatrics in China with several international presentations and researches.

Dr. Sam interests are in general paediatric diseases and child health, paediatric infections, respiratory diseases, bed wetting and urine problems, skin diseases in children, ADHD, Autism, neurodevelopment, feeding difficulties and newborn problems.

Dr. Sam piloted substantial research in Clinical Paediatric Medicine for 4 years in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow and he used a new anabolic hormone for the first time in clinical paediatric medicine resulted in the award of PhD in paediatrics from the Department of Child Health in Glasgow University. Whilst in Dubai he established a new treatment for hemangiomas in children. He published over 70 papers and articles about children’s health, has authored one book, and chaired/contributed to many international conferences. Throughout the years he has taught medical students and postgraduate doctors in many universities in the UK such as St. Georges Medical School, London, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Medical School of Warwickshire, University of Glasgow, the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health London and the London Deanery, and is now teaching and supervising the research of students at Mohammad Bin Rashid University for Medicine and Health Sciences in Dubai.

Dr. Sam professional qualifications include a Membership and a Fellowship from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in London, a Membership and a Fellowship from the Royal College of Physician of Ireland in Dublin, a Diploma in Child Health from the Glasgow Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and a PhD degree in clinical paediatrics from the Medical School in Glasgow University and a CCST in paediatrics (UK). He was graduated with distinction in 1981 from Basrah University in Iraq and moved and completed all of his training, qualifications and experience in the UK.

Dr. Sam’s philosophy is that we all should work together with the parents, schools and others towards better health, educations and future for all children around the world.
*Independent Doctors(ID): Defined as individuals not employed by Mediclinic Middle East who are granted the privilege to treat patient at MCME facilities, in either inpatient or outpatient settings, as applicable.




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