Saba Zafar

English, Hindi, Urdu


Core competencies

Hearing assessment and audiological management

  • Paediatric hearing assessment - Conditioned play audiometry, BOA, acoustic reflex, tympanometry
  • Adult hearing assessment - Pure tone audiometry, acoustic reflex, tympanometry, ETF, reflex decay, speech audiometry
  • Otoacoustic emission - DPOAE diagnostics & screening, TEOAE screening
  • Electrophysiology testing - Auditory brainstem response, ASSR
  • Tinnitus assessment, non-medical management and counselling
  • Hearing aid evaluation, programming and fitting
  • Implantable hearing devices evaluation and programming i.e bone conduction and cochlear implant

Vestibular assessment and management

  • Assessment for BPPV and canal repositioning maneuvers
  • Video nystagmography (VNG)
  • Video head impulse test
  • Vestibular-evoked myogenic potential
  • Caloric testing (air and water)
  • Vestibular rehabilitation therapy 


Saba Zafar is an audiologist and speech-language pathologist with wide experience in the field of audiology including audiological screening, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of patients from all age groups using subjective and objective methods. She graduated with a dual specialisation in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology from the prestigious institute AYJNIHH in Mumbai, India. She has previously worked with hospitals in India and Dubai and as a hearing care consultant for Siemens in the UAE. She also spent almost three years undertaking charity work for children with special needs and their caregivers. She is a member of the Rehabilitation Council of India and ISHA, at these conferences, she has presented several research papers.


Masters in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
International Vestibular Rehabilitation Course, American Institute of Balance, USA
Currently pursuing Doctor of Audiology, Salus University, USA


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