Welcome to Mediclinic Baby Programme!

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This programme is exclusively for parents whose babies will be born at a Mediclinic hospital. 

We are committed to enhancing your pregnancy and parenting journey, and as a member of the Mediclinic Baby programme you can enjoy a host of benefits and services, including: 

Complimentary antenatal courses 

Tailor-made antenatal courses, presented by childbirth professionals. These courses are designed to meet your needs and comprise weekly or condensed weekend classes. (Enquire at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, Mediclinic City Hospital, or visit our website for details.)

We recommend that you attend an antenatal course from (+-) 26 weeks. 

A dedicated maternity staff or midwife will call/ email to discuss your enrolment to the next available complimentary antenatal courses

Pregnancy journal

A pregnancy journal, which can be collected at your chosen Mediclinic hospital during your maternity tour.

Welcoming the new arrival 

While in hospital, you will also receive you will receive some free goodies and other vouchers post discharge. The details are available on our website. 

If you would like more information on Mediclinic Baby, please email: