I am a 39 year old female.  I have suffered from chronic migraine for the last 10 years. In fact, I would say these migraines were disabling. My vision was blurred and my neck was extremely stiff. Previously when  I used to enter the migraine status It used to continud for at least 10 months or a year. During that time I never found any relief. I tried all the painkillers. I also tried zoomig, naproxen voltaren etc.  I was also prescribed several preventative medicines like topamax, inderal, depakine, aimovig etc. I was also given steroids but unfortunately I am amongst the few people who do not respond to any medicines.  Life became miserable. I developed chronic anxiety and was prescribed antidepressants.  I also had surgery (septoplasty) to help with my headaches. I became hopeless but thanks to the Almighty I was referred to Dr Zhao Juan (Dr.Jane) at Mediclinc City Hospital for acupuncture. I never believed that this would work.  But to my great surprise, after the very first session, my blurred vision was clear and there was an improvement in my headache. I started taking more acupuncture sessions with Dr Jane.  After only a few sessions there was a remarkable improvement in the intensity and frequency of my migraines.  My vision was clear and there was no more stiff neck.  I am still continuing my treatment.  I must say acupuncture works wonders. My anxiety has also reduced.  Dr Jane is a very committed and hardworking doctor who has a very deep knowledge of traditional chinese medicine.  I must say that Mediclinic City Hospital's Acupuncture department is very helpful for patients. Thank you

Ms. Saira Khan, August 2020

I was diagnosed with glioblastoma at grade four. My story starts in April 2019 here in Mediclinic City Hospital. It started with an emergency operation here at the hospital. One month after I had my second operation and everything was fine, and in June I started radiotherapy. In August I delivered my baby. Because of the treatment I started feeling exhausted, weak and had anxiety. After delivery of my baby I couldn’t take care of the baby 100% and I started experiencing a lot of back pain. I was advised by my doctor not to take massage or chiropractic treatments to stimulate my back because of my glioblastoma but suggested trying acupuncture. I wasn’t very optimistic but still wanted to give a try as I was suffering a lot. After starting my acupuncture, I started feeling relief in my back pain, I could continue to breastfeed my baby and started realising that acupuncture is actually helping. After delivering my baby my tumour returned for which I had to undergo another operation. After this surgery I started experiencing issues in moving my left hand and left leg.  I was very upset because on returning home I couldn’t hold my baby. Again I went for acupuncture. And when I completed my two sessions I can now move my left hand and foot, I can eat normally with my hand and most importantly I could hug and carry my kids. I am one happy mother.

Mrs. G, Brain Tumour Patient, August 2020