Follow a special diet for two days before or during the test. Avoid raw or half cooked meat, horseradish, raw fruits, raw vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, red radishes and swede which have a high peroxide content.

Avoid Aspirin, indomethacin, phenylbutazone, reserpine, corticosteroids and NSAIDS which may cause gastrointestinal haemorrhage. If you are taking any of these medications regularly please consult your physician before stopping the medications.

Interfering influences
Stool samples should not be taken during menstruation or if haemorrhage occurs as a result of constipation.

Before taking the stool samples
Label the container with your name, phone number and date.

Store your sample at room temperature (between 15 and 30 degrees celsius). Protect from direct heat, direct sunlight ultraviolet light and moisture.

After taking the stool samples
Don’t forget to wash your hands even if you used the provided gloves. Remember to bring the sample back to the hospital.

When caught early enough, colorectal cancer is curable in nine out of 10 people. Please follow the following instructions for stool sample collection:

  • Urinate before collecting the stool so that no urine gets in the stool sample
  • Put on gloves before handling stool. Stool can contain material that spreads infection.Wash your hands after removing your gloves
  • Pass stool (but no urine)
  • Either solid or liquid stool can be collected
  • Do not collect the sample from the toilet bowl
  • Do not mix toilet paper, water, or soap with the sample
  • Place the lid on the container
  • Submit the specimen to the laboratory

The specimens should be collected before these substances are administered, or collection must be delayed until after the effects have passed. Such substances include: antacids, kaolin, mineral oil and other oily materials, non-absorbable anti-diarrhoeal preparations, barium or bismuth (7-10 days needed for clearance of effects), antimicrobial agents (2-3 weeks), and gallbladder dyes (3 weeks).

Note: Stool samples will not be accepted in diapers.