Back to School Health Checklist

August marks back to school season. Mediclinic Dubai Mall makes going back to school easy by providing comprehensive medical services for you and your family to ensure good health throughout the year.

Eye exam
Does your child squint while reading or watching television or suffer from headaches?  Regular eye exams every two years are recommended to reduce the risk of undetected eye health issues. To learn more

Cavities and tooth decay are common among children. Schedule regular dental exams every six months to improve your child’s overall health. To learn more

Help protect your child from diseases such as measles, tetanus and chicken pox.  Stay up to date with vaccines and booster shots. To learn more

Pharmacy prescriptions
Does your child require an inhaler, EpiPen or insulin? Refill emergency medications your child might need during an incident at school. To learn more

PCR test
We provide PCR testing for COVID-19, with results delivered in 24-36 hours. For appointments, please call 04 449 5111.