Life with Diabetes can be challenging

Diabetes is a chronic illness that is not only detrimental to one’s health but places a heavy burden on the healthcare system.

The management of diabetes often requires continuous medical care from a multidisciplinary team to prevent acute and long term complications. It is important for health professionals involved in the patients’ care to plan and communicate workable goals towards optimal health outcomes of the patients.

Our CCPC Program offers a well-designed program that delivers quality holistic care to patients with diabetes (refer inclusion and exclusion criteria) whose medical needs are beyond the scope of an individual practitioner.

Enrolled patients will have the benefit of obtaining expert opinions from a multidisciplinary team to ensure best possible outcomes. Following well defined and respected standards of medical practice guidelines, based on evidenced based practice, our registered members will have agreed goals set by the team which will be measured at specific intervals whilst respecting the patient’s individual needs, rights and confidentiality at all times.


You are entitled to:

  • Clear understanding of the illness
  • Nutrition and dietetic guidance
  • Tips on healthy lifestyle
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Appropriate medication management
  • Regular follow up

For more info and appointments, please call:

Sophia Samuel
Diabetes care Coordinator
Email :
Phone Number : 054 583 1028

Accredited by JCI

Accredited by JCI