At Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, the Clinical Genetics and Metabolic Service provides:

  • Comprehensive genetic services including diagnosis, treatment, counselling and prevention  of genetic and in-born errors of metabolism
  • Clinics held once per week on a Saturday
  • Diagnosis, education, counselling and medical management to patients and families with suspected or diagnosed genetic disorders, birth defects or in-born errors of metabolism
  • Counselling, which includes information about the genetic disorder or birth defect, advice for therapies and available and medical management, discussion of the chances of recurrence, suggestions on how to live with the disorder and referral to other specialists
  • Review of a family’s history to find out if there is a risk of genetic disorders or a connection to the existing problem
  • Testing to help determine whether a person has a genetic disorder or could pass a disorder to a child
  • Counselling for couples before and after pregnancy
  • Support and follow-up
  • Prenatal diagnosis in collaboration with the division of feto-maternal medicine in the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology