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Ali Aldameh Dr. (ID*), MD, BMedSCI, MBCHB, FRACS, FACS, American college of Surgeons, Australasian College of Surgeons
General Surgery
Consultant General Surgeon
Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai
+971 4 4359999

New Zealand

Languages spoken
Engliah, Arabic

Dr. Aldameh is a consultant surgeon with expertise in advanced laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery, Upper GI and weight loss surgery, general thoracic surgery, upper GI and surgical oncology.

He holds a Fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) and a post-FRACS Advanced Fellowship from Harvard Medical School Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, USA in Minimally Invasive General Thoracic and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery and Minimally Invasive Thoracic and Upper GI Surgical Oncology.

Dr. Aldameh was Chief of Surgical Oncology, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist at one of UAE’s busiest cancer programmes in Tawam Hospital, Al Ain. There, he performed minimally invasive thoracic and upper GI surgery, major intra-thoracic tumour resections, and achieved a number of milestones including the first splenorenal shunt and splenectomy of a 10kg tumour in a UAE hospital, the first laparoscopic gastrectomy at Tawam Hospital and the successful resection of the largest tumor in Tawam Hospital’s history.

His consultant practice is focused on minimally invasive surgery for weight loss, thoracic and major oncological tumour resections and his main area of interest is using minimally invasive techniques (less scars) for weight loss surgery , general intra-thoracic malignancy and upper GI surgical oncology utilising a combination of traditional, minimally invasive and robotic surgery and early detection and management of complex cancers. He also covers a broad base of general surgery cases, trauma, major soft tissue and visceral abdominal resections and major head and neck tumours.

Special interests

• Weight loss and upper GI surgery
• Acid reflux surgery
• Lung cancer, video assisted lobectomy, lung resections
• Benign diseases and tumours of the lung
• Chest reconstruction after major trauma or surgery
• Lung volume reduction surgery for emphysema
•Oesophageal cancer
• Gastric and foregut cancer
• Benign oesophageal diseases (including achalasia, benign tumours and strictures)
• Oesophageal reconstruction
• Gastroesophageal reflux
• Mediastinal tumours and diseases (including the surgical treatment of myasthenia
gravis and large retrosternal goiters)
• Mesothelioma
• Pleural diseases (including pneumothorax, infections and pleural effusions)
• Chest wall tumours
• Sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
• Plication for diaphragm paralysis
• Tracheal resection or stent insertion for airway narrowing
• Lung transplantation for end-stage diseases of the lung
• Soft tissue sarcomas, major oncological abdominal surgery, large head and
neck malignancies

*Independent Doctor (ID): Defined as individuals not employed by Mediclinic Middle East who are granted the privilege to treat patient at MCME facilities, in either inpatient or outpatient settings, as applicable.

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