Every year, thousands of expectant mothers choose Mediclinic for their prenatal care and the birth of their baby. Whether you deliver in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Al Ain, Mediclinic offers you exactly the same standard of high quality, personalised service, from the moment you find out you are pregnant, to the time you leave the hospital with your baby in your arms, and beyond.


As you prepare for the birth of your baby, your happiness may be mixed with worry or concern about what lies ahead. Mediclinic offers a range of services for mothers- (and fathers-) to-be to set your mind at rest and fully prepare you for this life-changing experience:

  • Access to latest state-of-the-art diagnostic scans and prenatal tests at Mediclinic’s Fetal    Medicine unit
  • Complimentary antenatal classes for all expectant mothers booked to deliver at Mediclinic
  • Complimentary antenatal classes for expectant mothers not delivering at Mediclinic (subject to availability)
  • Educational video explaining the stages of pregnancy and your birthing experience at Mediclinic
  • Dedicated hotline and email for all your maternity-related queries
  • Mediclinic Baby website to track all the details of your pregnancy
  • You will receive a “Congratulations on your Pregnancy” card with a QR code that will direct you to ample educational material
  • Find out the gender of your baby through an exciting activation. You will receive a pink or blue frame with an ultrasound picture to reveal the gender of your baby if you wish to know the gender prior to delivery
  • Maternity tours are available for your convenience to answer all your questions. Please check with the respective Mediclinic hospital you are visiting for timings and dates 


At Mediclinic, our primary aim is to ensure that your delivery is as safe and stress-free as it possibly can be. Our facilities and services are designed to provide a calm environment in which you will feel comfortable and reassured:

  • Expert care around-the-clock from our multicultural team of midwives
  • Spacious private rooms with sleeper couch for your companion
  • Full entertainment selection and complimentary WiFi
  • VIP rooms available for those who seek an even more luxurious setting
  • Choice of freshly cooked meals from our varied menu
  • Welcome package on arrival including a range of quality amenities for mother and baby
  • Choose your favourite pillow! To make your postnatal stay more comfortable you may now select your favourite pillow from various carefully selected pillow types
  • Delivering your baby is unforgettable experience, linking it to a scent can help you connect and remember this beautiful journey. You can now choose a scent from our scent menu that helps promote relaxation and set your mood while delivering your baby 
  • Listen to your favourite music in the labour and delivery rooms by connecting your phones to our newly added speakers
  • Your companion may now enjoy a delicious complimentary meal during your postnatal stay with us 


Your baby has arrived! In this exciting and emotional time, we endeavour to ensure that both mother and baby are healthy, happy and feel confident about leaving the hospital to start their new life together:

  • Complimentary newborn hearing screening
  • Breastfeeding counselling and advice to ensure the successful establishment of breastfeeding (subject to preference)
  • Advice on kangaroo care to give your baby the most comforting start in life
  • Onsite issue of birth certificate
  • Celebratory cake
  • Complimentary Mediclinic baby bag filled with essential items for baby
  • Escort to vehicle on departure to ensure you are familiar with how to strap baby safely into his car seat


Just because you’ve left the hospital doesn’t mean you have left our care. Mediclinic offers a selection of services which are designed to support you as you settle into your new routine and offer you reassurance as you adapt to your new responsibilities:

  • Post-discharge phone call to check all is well
  • Complimentary consultation with a dietician to advise on postnatal diet to ensure you maintain your health and strength
  • Access to women’s health physiotherapy services
  • Access to post-discharge support services including support groups and advice lines
  • One complimentary post-discharge consultation with an OB/GYN for the mother if not covered by insurance (not applicable for independent doctors)
  • Dedicated breastfeeding facilities within the hospitals for follow-up visits
  • Discounted vaccination package for baby for two years after birth
  • Access to support for mothers who suspect they be suffering from postpartum blues or depression
  • Vouchers for discounted products and services in your area
  • Access to baby massage services


In addition to the wide range of services provided as standard in all Mediclinic hospitals, some individual facilities offer extra facilities for mothers delivering there:

  • Dedicated operating theatre for caesarean sections (Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital, Mediclinic City Hospital, Mediclinic Parkview Hospital and Mediclinic Al Jowhara Hospital)
  • Water birthing suite (Mediclinic City Hospital and Mediclinic Parkview Hospital)
  • Private floor of VIP rooms (Mediclinic City Hospital and Mediclinic Parkview Hospital)
  • Complimentary gestational diabetes clinic (Mediclinic Welcare Hospital)
  • Complimentary lactation clinic (Mediclinic City Hospital)
  • Midwifery Clinic (Mediclinic City Hospital)
  • iPad for parents to view baby in NICU via live link (Mediclinic Al Ain Hospital)

*Terms and conditions may apply. Please contact your maternity unit manager for more details.