If a medical report is required, please fill in and submit the Request for Release of Medical Information form which can be found at the main reception. The report will then be issued within two to five working days for a fee of AED 100.

Laboratory Report

Laboratory/Radiology test results are usually made available by one of the following means:

- A follow up appointment, if necessary and as decided by your physician. The routine report usually takes three days to reach the doctor. In urgent cases, the doctor is notified as soon as possible and may therefore contact you sooner.

Certain blood tests may take up to two weeks to complete. According to clinic policy we release laboratory results only to the patient. The reports are not sent by any electronic means unless the patient submits a Request for Release of Medical Information form [download down].  Please note that only the physician will inform the patient of the laboratory results.

- A telephone call if, having evaluated your results, the doctors determines further management is required.