Debora Garozzo Dr.

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Core competencies

Dr Debora’s Areas of excellence are:

  • Micro-Reconstructive nerve surgery, especially  Brachial Plexus injuries both in adults and children;
  • Entrapment Neuropathies in the upper and lower limbs (e.g. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ulnar Nerve Entrapment and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome);
  • Benign and Malignant Nerve Tumors, especially in patients affected by Neurofibromatosis.


Dr Debora Garozzo is an Italian neurosurgeon subspecialized in peripheral nerve surgery.
After graduating in medicine in Palermo, her home town, she received her training in Neurosurgery in Ospedale Borgo Trento in Verona.
She started her career as a neurosurgeon in Bergamo in 1992.
In 1997, she moved to Rovigo and contributed to the foundation of the new Neurosurgery Department of Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital, that soon gained a reputation as the main national referral center for peripheral nerve surgery, in particular for brachial plexus micro-reconstructive surgery for adults and children and management of peripheral nerve tumors in patients affected by neurofibromatosis.
After 28 years of practice in Italy, in 2017 she relocated in Dubai, UAE. Currently, she works as consultant neurosurgeon in Mediclinic Parkview Hospital and Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai.
In addition to the training she received in her country, Dr Debora refined her surgical skills in peripheral nerve surgery visiting well known referral centers abroad (Sweden, Germany, China). In 2006 during her fellowship in the Department of Hand surgery of Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, she set up a collaboration with Professor Gu Yu Dong and his team, promoting the foundation of the SEM (Sino-European Meeting) on brachial plexus surgery, that represented one of the most distinguished scientific events related to this surgical discipline for several years.
She also established academic collaborations with other institutions like AIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) or Clinical Mielina Plexo Braquial in Mexico.
In 2013 she served as visiting consultant peripheral nerve surgery in SBEA hospital, Tripoli, Libya under the Ministry of Healthcare of Libya, a mission that was interrupted due to the outbreak of civil war in the country.
Her scientific production includes 2 books on her subspecialty (one of them has been translated into Chinese), 16 book chapters and more than 20 articles published in international journals. She is member of the editorial boards of several international journals (e.g. Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences) and regularly collaborates with many peer-reviewed, neurosurgical journals (e.g. British Journal of Neurosurgery, Frontiers in Neurosurgery, Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery) regarding her subspecialty.
Due to her international reputation, she has been invited speakers/faculty in many hands-on workshops or educational courses and conferences in countries around the world ( Spain, Germany, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Nigeria, Sudan, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Maldives, India, Pakistan, etc). In 2011 she was visiting professor in the Neurological institute of Peoria, Illinois, USA.
She is currently member of the SINCH (the Italian Society of Neurosurgery); and has served as president of the peripheral nerve surgery committee of SINCH from 2009 until 2014. She has also appointed vice president of the WFNS committee for peripheral nerve surgery for two terms and is the current Vicepresident of ESNS (Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons).


M.D., University of Palermo (110/110 magna cum laude)
Neurosurgery diploma from Verona university


Mediclinic Parkview Hospital

Dubai, UAE
Al Barsha, South 3

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