Core competencies

Her special interests include:

Evaluation, diagnosis, management and treatment of different adult lung conditions including:

  • Bronchial asthma( mild, moderate and  severe resistant asthma )
  • Cough disorders and breathing difficulty
  • Full  pulmonary function testing: spirometry, diffusion testing (DLCO), lung volumes (body plethysmography )
  • Pneumonia (viral , bacterial and others)
  • Lung cancer screening and early detection
  • Mediastinal and pleural disorders
  • Respiratory ICU and non-invasive ventilation
  • Bronchoscopy
  • COPD cases
  • Interstitial lung diseases pulmonary fibrosis , connective tissue associated ILD
  • Suppurative lung diseases (lung abscess, bronchiectasis)
  • Tuberculosis and fungal respiratory diseases
  • Occupational and environmental lung disease
  • Pleural effusion with pleural fluid aspiration (diagnostic & therapeutic)

Sleep disorders (adults):

Diagnosing and managing  obstructive sleep apnea OSA and  excessive daytime sleepiness, performing:

  • Polysomnography (sleep studies) both home and hospital based sleep study
  • Overnight pulse oximetry
  • Sleep hygiene teaching

Researches and publications :

  • Non invasive ventilation in comparison to SIMV with pressure support in weaning of COPD patients from mechanical ventilation
  • Micro RNA genetic signature in non small cell lung cancer(NSCLC ) patients


Dr Samar Mansour is a specialist pulmonologist with an MD doctor of medicine in pulmonology and over 13 years of experience. She is also a lecturer at a faculty of medicine with special interest in dealing with cases of bronchial asthma, pneumonia and respiratory failure in ICU in need of oxygen therapy , assisted ventilation and bronchoscopy.

She was trained at a university hospital in Egypt and worked there as assistant lecturer then lecturer and has presented scientific papers and contributed as a speaker in many local conferences. She has also attended multiple international symposia, workshops, and conferences.

She has worked in the UAE since 2019 in a multispeciality clinic and hospital in Dubai, dealing with different cases of respiratory diseases. She is also a member of the ERS (European Respiratory Society), ACCP (American College Of Chest Physicians) and ASCAI (Australian Society Of Clinical Allergy and Immunology).


Master and Doctorate Degree (MD )in Respiratory Medicine


Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Khalifa Street, next to First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

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