The scope of Gastroenterology services at Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital include:

  • Oesophageal conditions 

a. Infections

b. reflux

c. Dysmotility disorders

d. malignancies

  • Stomach conditions:

a. H.Pylor- related  conditions

b. Peptic ulcer

c. Non- ulcer dyspepsia

d. Gastric tumours

  • Small and large bowel conditions

a. Inflammatory  bowel disease

b. Functional bowel disorders

c. Chronic diarrhoea  investigations,

d. Colorectal cancer and  colonic polyps

e. Diverticular disease

  • Liver

a. Fatty liver

b. Liver infections  and  hepatitis

c. Drug induced liver injury

d. Autoimmune  lives conditions

e. Gall bladder conditions

  • Endoscopy function

a. Acute services

b. Management of variceal bleeding

c. Ulcer bleeding

d. Foreign body retrieval                      

e. Elective endoscopy       

f. Upper GI endoscopy

g. Colonoscopy and polypectomy

h. PEG