A gynecologist is a doctor who manages conditions that affect the female reproductive system — which includes the vulva, vagina, uterus (womb) and ovaries.

The consultant conducts regular preventative medical check-ups, such as smear tests of the cervix and breast screening and ultrasound of the genital organs. The gynecologist advises women of all ages on questions of female health care such as menstrual disorders, treatment of cysts, polyps and fibroids, vaginal and abdominal infections related to the female organs, contraception, subfertility, urinary incontinence, vulvar skin disorders and menopausal disorders like hot flashes, vaginal dryness and sexual disorders.

When dealing with disorders of the female sexual organs a gynecologist conducts the indicated tests and provides the appropriate treatment.

An obstetrician is concerned with pregnancy checks, delivery and postpartum period.

They advise and examine future mothers during this period of their lives. 

Our services include

  • Minimal invasive laparoscopic surgery
  • Obstetrics
  • General Gynecology
  • Vaginal pelvic floor surgery
  • Lichen sclerosis