Mediclinic City Hospitals is a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, and dominates the UAE’s healthcare landscape in terms of the quality of its medical staff, the breadth of services it offers and the standard of equipment it operates. Patients admitted into our inpatient rehabilitation programmes benefit from strategic collaboration with the Mediclinic Orthotic Prosthetic Services.


As a comprehensive rehabilitation facility, we offer a full range of treatment services. Our goal is to provide individuals and their families many options from which to choose the most appropriate programme of care based on each person’s medical status, physical endurance, lifestyle, and social and vocational needs. Individually tailored programmes can begin anywhere in our continuum of care - inpatient, outpatient or community re-entry services.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Initial inpatient stay after amputation or injury
  • Inpatient stay for orthotic prosthetic fitting or training
  • Outpatient orthotic prosthetic clinic for prosthetic orthotic fitting
  • Follow-up outpatient care and support group

Admission to Mediclinic City Hospital inpatient rehabilitation programme

Admission to the inpatient rehabilitation programme can be made directly from the acute care hospital after an evaluation by the clinical liaison and doctor to identify if an acute care stay is appropriate. The initial inpatient stay will vary according to the presented condition.

During the initial inpatient stay, we provide a comprehensive team approach with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, orthotics, prosthetics and governed by the treating specialist. If applicable, diabetic education is provided.

Individuals work on functioning independently with injury or limb loss including walking, stair climbing, transfers, bed mobility, wheelchair use, bathroom/shower use, family training, skin management and maintaining health and functionality. When indicated early orthotic/prosthetic fitting is always promoted. The Mediclinic Prosthetic Service will ensure this is done competently, utilizing the most appropriate components to minimize rehabilitation times and maximize functionality.

Goals of treatment: initial inpatient rehabilitation stay

  • Perform basic activities of daily living with supervision/modified independence, including functional transfers, mobility and energy conservation
  • Determine level of mobility at discharge -- wheelchair vs. ambulatory and if temporary orthotic/prosthetic indicated
  • Maintain range of motion at hip and/or knee of amputated limb
  • Prevent contractures at hip/knee
  • Teach proper positioning in wheelchair
  • Achieve independence with home exercise programme
  • Achieve independence with skin management and desensitisation techniques
  • Train family how best to assist patient to continue therapy at home

Oedema control may be initiated. Mediclinic’s Physiotherapy Department collaborates with the Prosthetic Service to provide more advanced manual lymphatic drainage techniques to ensure optimal lymphatic improvement and oedema reduction is achieved.

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