Mediclinic Middle East offers patients that have sustained a back injury or suffer from non-specific low back pain bracing solutions specific to the exact medical requirements. We provide braces for:

  • Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction
  • Non-specific low back pain

Spinal Fracture Braces and CAD/CAM

Mediclinic utilises the latest CAD/CAM technology and techniques to produce all custom spinal and scoliosis corrective braces. By using either a cast, scanning the patient themselves, or using precise measurements, the TLSO (brace) is produced to the exact requirement to ensure optimal spinal correction according to the presented pathology. Because we have all the metrics stored, we are able to modify an existing TLSO model or produce a new model due to growth. Adult postoperative spinal patients can be seen and measured without the, at times, painful casting technique. We welcome the opportunity to work with external referral sources, and have a mobile scanning system and spinal team to facilitate referrals from other inpatient facilities.

Scoliosis Bracing Options

When treated early and with proper wearing of the appropriate orthotic, scoliosis can be treated and the curve can be kept from getting worse. Treatment will provide a straighter back, improved posture and better overall appearance. Without treatment, the curves will get worse and may require surgery. Referral to Mediclinic’s scoliosis clinic will result in a full biomechanical assessment. Great care is made to assess the patient’s full postural needs, including lower limb presentations. Parents and referral sources can be confident these patients will receive the best possible care. Traditional scoliosis braces are typically crafted from customised casts or moulds made of the patient's trunk. These thermoplastic braces placed pressure pads over the convexities of the thoracic and lumbar curves in attempt to correct lateral deviation and rotation, so called three point pressures. More recently, CAD/CAM and other computer technology has been introduced in order to try to improve the spinal bracing outcomes. With the comprehensive CAD/CAM capabilities, Mediclinic is one of only handful providers in the region offering this improved scoliosis bracing systems. There are different bracing options depending on the severity and location of the scoliosis curve. At times this will also depend on the referring physician and his/her treatment choices.

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