PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets prepared from fresh whole blood using a centrifuge process. PRP contains growth factors and many other components. It has been around for many years and is used in cosmetics, cardiac surgery and orthopaedics. When injected in certain areasofn the body it stimulates re-growth of the cells hence the potential use in fertility treatment and IVF. Although PRP is well established, it is very new to the field of IVF with potential uses in women to thicken the resistant endometrium, to revitalise non function ovaries and testis in an attempt to revitalise egg and sperm production.

PRP treatments at Bourn Hall

Cosmetic rejuvenation: for treating urinary incontinence and regeneration of the vagina and labial when injected in these areas.

Endometrial PRP: We can offer PRP applications for patients with chronic endometritis, patients with recurrent implantation and IVF failures as well as patients who cannot obtain a desired level of endometrial thickness for a successful embryo transfer. The procedure works by infusing the uterine with PRP to thicken the endometrium. The procedure is similar to an IUI. The endometrial PRP application is administered two to four days prior to embryo transfer as the cellular activity reach their optimal levels within this time frame.

Ovarian PRP: PRP application in ovarian soft tissue aims to promote cellular growth and proliferation in the ovaries. While the clinical evidence is still in its preliminary stages and the ovarian PRP application is still a very new practice, the existing evidence points to incredible outcomes in patients even in menopausal stages. In an attempt to revitalise the egg production from the ovaries each ovary is injected with a few millilitres of PRP under IV sedation. It is a 10-minute procedure similar to egg collection but in reverse.