Occupational therapy services enable children and adults with health conditions to develop and achieve independence in participation and performance of occupations such as activities of daily living through therapeutic use of occupations and other rehabilitation techniques.

At Mediclinic Al Madar, we provide occupational therapy services for children with developmental issues, or with specific conditions such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (paediatric psychiatry), and cerebral palsy (neurology) to develop and achieve physical (gross and fine motor), cognitive and visual-perceptual skills to perform meaningful occupations such as self-care, social, play and scholastic areas – academic performance (learning disabilities) and writing skills. We focus on holist development targeting motor, processing, social and sensory processing skills.

Therapy is provided using structured activities and tasks which match child’s age and abilities to address underlying impairments, provision of adaptive tools and modification of child’s environment to facilitate skill acquisition and development. The occupational therapist works closely and collaboratively with parents and teachers to enable child’s wellbeing and performance in different contexts through occupational performance.