With ageing, childbearing or hormonal imbalance, a woman’s internal and external genital structures may suffer, which can further influence their appearance and sexual function.

Cosmetic gynaecology helps women of all ages with effective treatments for intimate health problems that have an impact on their psychology and everyday life. At Mediclinic Deira we offer invasive and non-invasive treatments with amazing results including:

  • O-shot
  • G-shot
  • FEM-shot
  • Filler injection for puffing of labia
  • Botox for vaginismus
  • Labiaplasty
  • Vaginal tightening

If you have problems such as urinary incontinence, lack of stimulation and low libido, dyspareunia or vaginal lubrication, make an appointment with Dr. Hamsa Noori, Specialist OBS/GYN to determine which procedure is the best for you.

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