Heart disease is common in the Gulf region, the result of a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, high incidence of smoking and diabetes and hot weather. Within this environment, it is crucial to provide education to reduce the incidence of heart disease, whilst also offering international standards of healthcare to cardiac patients who require it.

The Department of Cardiac Surgery at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital offers a full range of adult cardiac surgery with emphasis placed on the evaluation and management of patients with ischemic heart disease, valve disease, congenital heart defects and aortic aneurysms. Our team applies the latest scientific research and surgical techniques, whilst maintaining a highly diligent and meticulous approach to diagnosis and treatment.

The state of the art equipment in our heart centre, combined with an expert team of cardiac surgeons and nurses allow Mediclinic Airport Road hospital to offer the service of a Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Unit and to treat patients according to the highest international standards. Different techniques are used depending on the disease: Video-assisted surgery, Robotic-assisted surgery, Endovascular procedure, TransCatheter procedure. Indicated in most cardiac diseases according to the patient condition, Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery is based on a highly experienced Heart Team (cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, specialist anesthetists), and the professionalism and the experience of the support staff.

Our services include:

  • Coronary artery bypass grafting including total arterial revascularization, beating heart surgery
  • Heart valve repair and replacement including Transcatheter technique (TAVI, TAVR)
  • Repair of congenital heart defects in adults¬†
  • Complex aortic root aneurysms surgery including valve sparing procedure
  • Surgery for cardiac tumors
  • Surgery for disease of the pericardium: drainage, pericardial window, excision of pericardial cysts and tumors.

The surgical strategy is adapted to each patient and a minimally invasive approach or a conventional approach is offered according to the heart disease and the patient condition in respect of the guidelines and our obsession: SAFETY FIRST.

Besides state of the art cardiac surgery, the department of cardiac surgery at Mediclinic Airport road Hospital provides excellent postoperative ICU care as well as care in the ward after moving from the ICU. We insist that each patient receives highly personalised attention from their surgeon, and that the referring physicians stay involved, from the initial consultation right through to the patient's discharge and follow-up visits.

Postoperative follow-up and rehabilitation are offered to all patients who have undergone cardiac surgery.