The Antenatal Pilates Programme is a customised exercise programme specifically designed for expectant mothers. It's a safe and effective way to stay active and healthy during pregnancy, while also preparing your body for childbirth and postnatal recovery. Our Women’s Health physiotherapists at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital focus on strengthening the core muscles, improving flexibility, and enhancing overall body awareness and control.

Benefits of antenatal Pilates include:

  • Reduced back pain and better balance and stability in gait: by strengthening the abdominal, pelvic floor, gluteal, and scapular (shoulder blade) muscles.
  • Improved pelvic floor function: the pelvic floor muscles are important for bladder control, sexual function, and childbirth. Antenatal Pilates can help to strengthen and tone these muscles, reducing the risk of incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders.
  • Ease labour and delivery: By strengthening the core muscles and pelvic floor, and help to prepare the body for childbirth.

Our packages include :

  • Single session – AED 100 (+VAT)
  • Package of 5 sessions – AED 475 (+VAT)
  • Package of 10 sessions – AED 900 (+VAT)

To book your session, please call us at 050 4622739.