Does your child suffer from allergies?

Mediclinic Al Sufouh now offers new diagnostic services and treatment for allergies in children led by Dr Arun Jayaraman - Specialist Paediatrics.

Diagnostics involve a simple skin test, where a drop of allergen is placed on the skin and a small scratch is made. If a child is allergic, they will develop a small bump with redness in that area. Advantages of skin tests over blood tests are simplicity, with immediate results that the patient can see.

Treatment options for allergic diseases include strict avoidance of  identified allergens, proper control of the disease through appropriate anti-allergy medications and immunotherapy for selected patients. The present available treatment for allergies can only control symptoms and the symptoms will recur after stopping treatment, whereas immunotherapy will give a permanent cure, plus prevent future development of allergies. In immunotherapy, a tiny dose of the substance to which the patient is allergic is introduced either as oral drops or an injection, and the dose will be gradually increased so that the patient develops tolerance to the allergen.

Allergy services offered include:

  • Skin prick test/ Patch test
  • ImmunoCAP blood test
  • Component resolved diagnosis
  • Lung function tests including spirometry and FeNO
  • Oral food challenge
  • Drug provocation test

For more information or an appointment, please call 800 1999.