Kerusha Pillay

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
English, Afrikaans, Arabic (Basic)


Core competencies

  • Cervical/thoracic/lumbar MSK conditions
  • Cervico-genic headaches/postural correction
  • Foot pathologies - plantarfasciatis/tarsalgia
  • Pelvic health
  • Pre- and postnatal women’s health


South African
Kerusha is an experienced physiotherapist who qualified from the University of the Western Cape in 2009. She has spent 14 years specialising in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT). Her focus and approach to treatment of musculoskeletal problems have enabled her to successfully manage many different conditions including cervical/lumbar disc pathology, mechanical and muscular dysfunctions and postural changes. Kerusha is also certified in dry needling and Mulligan mobilisations. Kerusha utilizes OMT techniques (soft tissue therapy, trigger point therapy and Maitland mobilisations) to address these issues with a unique approach to each individual case. With the use of manual therapy, she has a hands on approach to achieve a steady recovery from injury to ability. For the past three years Kerusha has also been studying for her certification in Pelvic Health. Together with her MSK background and being a pelvic health physiotherapist she is able to treat most conditions of the bladder and bowel related to the genito-pelvic region such as SUI, UI, pelvic floor dysfunction- vaginismus, vestibulodynia, constipation, OAB, pre and post-natal rehabilitation including diastis recti rehabiliation, labour preparation, menopausal symptoms, pre- and post hysterectomy rehabilitation. She is also trained in Pilates Matwork 1.

Qualification Physiotherapy ( HONS) 2009
OMT (OMPTG) 2012
Certification in Trans-vaginal/Trans-rectal Pelvic Floor Rehab (Learnovate) 2023
Certification Female Pelvic floor Program Pudendal neuralgia and chronic pelvic pain (Dr Tracy Sher, GPHAM) 2024


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