About Us

Mediclinic Middle East is one of the very few private healthcare organisations in the UAE to actively support its clinician’s research endeavours through medical research centres in the UAE. The number of facilities at Mediclinic Middle East provides access to a wide variety of patients and therapeutic areas. MCME has established a Research office to engage research opportunities that can substantially impact patients’ wellbeing. 

The Corporate Research Office is dedicated to the following:

  • Ensure that all the research projects carried out at MCME are approved by the internal Research and Ethics Committee as well as the local Regulatory Authorities prior to initiation
  • Contact point for Clinical Research Organisations and sponsors
  • Provide support to the MCME research teams 
  • Monitor and evaluate ongoing research
  • Manage clinical research project budgets
  • Provide Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training to MCME Research teams
  • Ensure patient safety throughout all clinical trials 

Workflow Process

Mediclinic Middle East Research Office follows specific guidelines to ensure that clinical research is carried out ethically and adds real value to the scientific community.


Dr. Adrian Stanley
Chief Academic Officer

Dr Rakshinda Mujeeb
Research Projects Manager

Ms. Zineb Katache 
Research Assistant

Contact Us

Mediclinic Middle East Research Office
Mediclinic Corporate Office, Dubai Production City, Publishing Pavillion, Level 6, PO Box 123812, Dubai UAE.
Contact Email: MCME-ResearchOffice@mediclinic.ae